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      Brocade Fabric comes at a variety of price points depending on the quality of the material. At faberty, our Brocade Fabric prices start from just Rs. 350 per metre, one of India's most affordable.

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      At faberty, we have various brocade fabrics designs such as vector pattern, weave patterns, and paisley patterns available online. As wholesalers of brocade babric online, we are able to offer the best brocade fabric prices in India. Check out our collection today.

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      As a leading brocade fabric manufacturer based in Surat, India, we offer a 100% customer protection program at faberty that allows you to return or exchange your Brocade material online without hassle. You can learn more about it on our Returns & Exchange policy page.

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      If you're a retailer, label owner, or fashion designer, you can get the best quality Brocade material online only on Faberty. Our Brocade Fabric price per meter starts as low as Rs. 350. Check out the latest collection today.

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